It has long been my passion as a maker, to make sure that my jewellery is responsibly, sustainably and ethically made. Over the years I have taken steps to make my studio practise environmentally friendly. From cutting the use of harmful chemicals in the studio, to using recycled and recyclable packaging. My next step was to focus on the source of my precious metals. 

My jewellery is now only available in recycled or Fairtrade precious metals. Excluding a few small pre-made findings, such as catches and ear stud scrolls which are not yet available in Recylced or Fairtrade metals.


By choosing fairtrade, you are actively supporting small scale miners and their families. Fairtrade mines provide a fair income, safe working conditions, investment in communities, and support for families to work their way out of poverty. 


By choosing recycled metals you are not taking new metal from an existing mine, (either small artisanal mines or large scale mines). It is not possible to trace the original source of the recycled metals. The recycled metal I use is refined in the uk, and bought from the same refinery as my Fairtrade precious metals.

For any further information on my suppliers please contact me via [email protected] 

I am always happy to share this information with customers and fellow jewellers.